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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The MultiCart system is the enterprise-level 2020CAM solution. Features include an industrial stainless-steel Hindsight cart, and the ability to support the SoloCam or expand up to six MulitCam camera heads.

What is it?

  • Enterprise 2020CAM Solution
  • Enterprise Networking Capable
  • Internet Accessible
  • Dimension: 26.95"(L) x 26"(W) x 72.25(H)
  • Expandable up to Six MultiCam Cameras
  • SoloCam Capable
  • Longest Recording Time
  • Multiple Frame Rate and Video Buffer Configurations
  • Lockable Internal Storage of Accessories
  • Wired and Wireless Options
  • Self-Contained Stainless-Steel Kiosk

  • Enterprise Solution – A powerful multi-camera platform with room for expansion, and designed for the harshest industrial environments. Internal storage for all components, and configurations which include options for wet and aseptic environments. The MultiCart can meet any need.
  • Networking Capability – MultiCart makes it easy to troubleshoot instantly from a remote location with the ability to stream live video over a local network or the internet – enabling immediate remote support from OEMs, corporate engineering, or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Longest Recording Time - The MultiCart comes standard with a 480 GB buffer, which is expandable to 960 GB for hours upon hours of high speed video.
  • Rugged, Industrial Design – Hindsight 2020CAM is engineered from the ground up to withstand even the harshest factory environments. From moisture to extreme temperatures, 2020CAM's sealed exterior can reliably function regardless of where you put it. With options available including aseptic camera heads, 2020CAM can meet your particular industry's needs.
  • Industry-leading, Continuous Recording Memory – With hours of recording time, Hindsight 2020CAM high speed camera systems have the unique ability to continue capturing events even while you review previously recorded video. Hindisght 20/20 features full-duplex, continuous memory buffers measured in hours (versus seconds), our high speed camera system records over multiple shifts, lunch breaks, and meetings.            
  • Ultra-High Frame Rates – MultiCart has the capability to record anywhere from 125 to 10,000 images per second (depending on camera options), capturing high quality video for any line speeds.
  • Quick setup and Simple, Intuitive Interface – Our industrial video camera systems allow operators of all skill levels to capture high-quality video for use in quick decision-making and corrective action implementation.
  • High Sensitivity to Light – Our lighting options & light-sensitive cameras allow users to capture high quality video with one-tenth the light of other systems, are cool to the touch and nearly impossible to break.
The MultiCart system supports multiple MultiCam cameras or a single SoloCam camera. Each camera supports manually controlled or remote controlled lens options.


MultiCam enables operators to troubleshoot multiple processes simultaneously with up to 6 camera views on one system. A MultiCam system is Power Over Ethernet (PoE) compatible and supports  the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens standard.

Frame rates from 125 to 500 frames per second, and higher with Region-Of-Interest option.

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The SoloCam offers the highest frame rates available in a monochrome or color option.

Monochrome frame rates from 250 to 1,800 frames per second.

Color frame rates from 150 to 600 frames per second. 

Higher frame rates available with Region-Of-Interest option

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Recording Time

MultiCart Monochrome Recording Time
640x480 Resolution* Buffer Size in GB
Frames Per Second 480GB 960GB
250 32 hours 64 hours
500 16 hours 32 hours
1000 8 hours 16 hours
1800 4.75 hours 9 hours

MultiCart Color Recording Time
640x480 Resolution* Buffer Size in GB
Frames Per Second 480GB 960GB
150 32 hours 64 hours
300 16 hours 32 hours
600 8 hours 16 hours
*Higher frame rates available with Region of Interest will alter recording time

Mobile Stainless Steel Kiosk

  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Splash resistant
  • 4 heavy-duty caster wheels – 2 locking swivel and 2 rigid
  • Integrated HD display with 360º rotation for viewing optimization
  • Theft-Resistant locking storage cabinet with foam lined drawers
  • Pull out laptop drawer with docking station
  • Fan for forced ventilation.
  • GFCI and surge protection.
  • External connection patch panels for cameras and LED lights
  • Optional wireless access for remote viewing
  • Optional NEMA rated monitor enclosure


  • 11.5-69mm manual
  • 90mm macro
  • 11-130mm macro
  • 75mm fixed magnification
  • 4.4-11mm wide angle
  • Panasonic 14-42mm MFT lens


  • Camera: IP65 or IP67 (NEMA4), with optional waterproof or stainless steel lens cover / ex-proof enclosure
  • Temperature operating: 20 to 122 ºF (-7 to 50 ºC)
  • Storage: -40 to 150 ºF (-40 to 65 ºC)
  • Humidity: 20% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Vibration/Shock: 7 Grms (10Hz to 2000Hz) / 70G, 11ms, half-sine
  • Max allowable ambient temp is decreased 3 ºF (1.6 ºC) for each 1,000 feet (300 m) over 2,460 feet (750 m) above mean sea level


  • Optional waterproof lens cover for wet, damp or dirty environments

Event Trigger Interface

  • Process Interface Unit (PIU) allows remote trigger capture of line events
  • Connect to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and automatically save portions of video from the continuous recording buffer based on line faults and conditions
  • Wireless key fob